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I will admit that I am not the biggest producer of social media, although I do consume my fair share. The only real tweeting I have ever done has been for this degree. I have a facebook account, but that is solely so I can play Scrabble and some other games online with my wife. I have a Linkedin account like most of us who have ever looked for a job.

I haven’t personally incorporated social media into my eLearning courses, but I have seen it done by others. Specifically, I have seen Twitter use in an asynchronous eLearning course as a form of ongoing communication between SME’s/Instructors to learners.

Maybe I am a little to old to be comfortable with putting all my business online. Don’t get me wrong, I love tech and I think social networking is cool within reason, but I also know once you post something online, it may come back to bite you later on.

Unfortunately many people don’t fully grasp that or maybe they just don’t care. I look at it this way. If I wouldn’t be comfortable saying it in a classroom or at an all-employee meeting, I probably don’t know to post it online. I think it is important we try to teach others to use some discretion when posting.

Here is a pretty good video I found on pro an cons of social media for teens.


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